Saturday, August 9, 2014

Myrtle Beach - Day 11

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We are in a bit of a routine now...  We seem to sleep in until 09:00 or 09:30 each morning.  Then we shower and have breakfast at a fairly leisurely pace...  Our mornings until early afternoon are spent on chores.  Either on the boat or on our bikes.  We may have ridden close to 100 miles since coming to Myrtle Beach...  We are less sore every day...  Then a late lunch and a few hours at the pool.  This is followed by a short nap (Shelley is younger so does her Facebook stuff), and then dinner followed by something social around the marina or a walk after dinner...  Since we have cable TV, we usually watch a little TV before bed...  I think we need to get moving!

Unfortunately, we can't seem to find a safe anchorage between here and Jacksonville in case a hurricane decides to pop in, so we may be here in Myrtle Beach longer than even we could have imagined...  The fees are amazing, the facilities are great and the people are wonderful...  I'm just feeling a little anxious to get going....

Yesterday, we picked up a new cover for our dinghy.  The sun down here can destroy anything in a very short time, so we decided the investment into a good cover would extend the life of our dinghy enough that the cost was worth it.  Because we hang our dinghy from davits, we had to modify the cover ass soon as we got it, so we added two holes for the davits and so the solar panel that charges the bilge pump battery will get sunshine...  Not a bad days work...

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