Monday, August 18, 2014


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Ok, I love EVERY day of the week!  Today we slept in until almost noon! Really? I thought only teenagers did that...  What a beautiful day! We eventually got cleaned up and decided it was too hot to paint or sand or varnish today, so Shelley decided we should make a new sunshade that covers the pilot house.  Before we left home we bought 20 yards of Rip-Stop material and today we seemed together the two 60" pieces to make one 120" piece by 96" long.  (one of these for each side).

We hemmed it all and added 1" webbing tabs and then attached it to either side of the Mack Pack which stores our mainsail.  We think it turned out great! Some very kind people visited a week or so ago, and live in Fort Lauderdale.  The just bought a beautiful 50' Beaneteau and are having a new enclosure made.  they have kindly offered Shelley and I their old sunshade!  This will cover our cockpit perfectly and we will pick it up on our way by later in October...   

About halfway through we decided it was too hot and took a break at the pool...  

Shelley planted a herb garden a few weeks ago and it now looks like things are starting to grow...  She is most proud of her Basil... I just hope when we enter a new country they won't make us throw them away!

Maybe tomorrow we will be motivated to get some sanding/painting done....

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