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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Friday Check in....

Ok, I know its Saturday when I am actually posting this, but the last few days have been extraordinarily HOT - I mean 100 degrees plus hot! we have spent most of our afternoons at the swimming pool trying to keep cool, but even the pool temp is over 90...  That said, life is still good!

A few days ago we received two packages. the first was from Walmart.  Shelley purchased a hanging canvas chair for $39 including shipping.  we think this is a great addition to our "on deck" comfort gear...  I have it hung from the transom arch and when comfortably seated I get a perfect "on watch" view...  I think I may just have found my new helm seat.... If we ever get off the dock, I'll test it out...

The other package contained two transmission filters...  The other day we discovered (after owning the boat for 4 years) that there is a filter in the transmission and that the manual recommend changing the filter and fluid every 300 hours.  SERIOUSLY!??! These filters were $50 each and 4 quarts of ATF transmission fluid cast another $50... Forget it.  We did change the fluid and filter yesterday, but in the process discovered that the $50 filter was actually made out of stainless steel and there is no paper element in it, thus we can clean it many times before it actually wears out and as long as the rubber "O" rings stay in tact, we will be good to go for a very long time.  I also think that changing the fluid once a year or every 1000 hours might be far more realistic.  The right thing to do is to check the level regularly and smell the fluid.  if it starts to smell "burnt", then its time to change....

The last thing we did yesterday was to take our dinghy, which has been giving us engine grief for a little tour down the ICW to visit the St. Jules restaurant and bar for happy hour (just on the other side of the Casino Ship).  Miss Deanna is a wonderful lady who runs the bar and makes sure everyone in the place is properly introduced to everyone else...  We have met some VERY wonderful people!  I think we need a "Miss Deanna" in every bar....  The world would be a friendlier place... Oh, the engine seemed to run fine today...  we are hoping we just had some bad gas...

It was so hot last night I added another fan to our cabin at 11 o'clock last night, just so we could get some sleep...  They say the heat should break in the next few days...  which is good because it looks like there is a new hurricane "invest" that could be coming our way...  Stay tuned...



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