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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ok, It's Getting Really Close....

Our latest entry always comes up first... 
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You know you are getting close to leaving when your house is now officially for sale and they have found your replacement at work... This weekend I learned that the folks who are in charge of finding my replacement have found someone. In the next few weeks I will find out who it is and my last day will be the 30th of June...

We have now listed our house for sale on Kijiji and before you laugh you need to know that 180 people have looked at it already and we have have one email and have shown the house once already...  If it doesn't sell this month on Kijiji then we will list it with either Com-Free or The Property Guys.  That way we will get the house listed on the MLS listings.

Here is the link if you are looking for an awesome house:
Our House In Cambridge, Ontario

This week I also got the rest of the copper stripped and we should end up with about $100 worth of copper... Well worth the time and effort...
L to R - #3-#1-#2-Tinned


The copper was broken up into 4 groups:
 #1 Bright worth about $3.17 per lb., #2 worth $2.95 per lb.,
 #3 worth about $2.75 per lb. and tinned which I think is worth the same as #2...

This week I will find the best price and sell it.  Given that we spent about $50 for the machine that did the stripping, we should net somewhere around $50...  Not bad considering it would have ended up in the dumpster when I took it off the boat.  As I stripped it I was frightened to see how much of it was in bad shape.  We were lucky that there was not a fire, or that so many electrical things still worked...  

I also put the finishing touches on the solar hot water heater and the solar/battery power supply.  I took the 1/4" tubing that goes too and from the tank and the solar heater and threaded it into a section of garden hose to protect it and insulate it.  then I put shut-offs at each end to keep water locked in the line, this way when I hook it up I wont have to prime it each time.  I also put a double ended female connector on the actual solar panel lines to keep the air out of there too...  I tested it and even in the cold, it moved about 1.8 gallons per hour and warmed the water really well...
The Battery/ Solar 12v. Power Supply

The Finished Solar Heater w/ 50' of 1/4" tubing
The Connecting Hose w/ Shutoffs

We are getting closer to our dream every day.......


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