Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Busy Day

Today I spent the my at my friends farm. I assembled my solar hot water heater. I am very happy. I also built a separate box that houses the solar panel and a motorcycle battery. This will power the tiny pump that circulates the water. The pump circulates 2 gallons per hour... Perfect to make hot water.

Originally I had intended to recirculate the coolant from the engine to heat the water in the hot water tank. Then at some point I decided that it would be WAY EASIER to just circulate the actual water in the tank. I will tap the cold side and the hot side and the water will slowly heat. This way I don't have to worry about expansion or the water getting too hot... Those safety features are already in place...

The last project today was the new screen door. When we test fit it last week, with two sheets of stainless, it was too thick. Instead of grinding both sides, I decided to just remove the inside piece of stainless... It is just as secure, looks awesome, and now fits... Whoo-hooo....

A great day!

FYI, I have now made a shorter You Tube video that is about 4 minutes and it describes just the Right to Write Ministry :

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