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Friday, February 21, 2014

We Have Had Enough of Winter!!!!!

We arrived home from our little holiday to discover this:

What a pain... Fortunately most of the stuff that we normally store in there we have either in the basement or on the boat. We also gave our son our snowblower so the damage is pretty much limited to the shed itself.

On a happier note, we saved all the wire that we replaced when we re-did the electrical on the boat. We ended up with 2 big plastic bins full of wire and one bin full of plumbing bits.

We purchased an bench top wire stripper for about $40 and yesterday I spent about 4 hours and got one of the two bins stripped. We ended up with about $40 worth of scrap copper so far. We hope the see about $120 when we are finished, then I will sell the stripper on Kijiji and all should be good.

My last project today was to build yet another camera grip.  this one should be good for indoor shots with the light and the shotgun microphone...  After this shot was taken, I painted it black...

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