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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Life Is Like a Toilet Seat....

Our latest entry always comes up first... 
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Up and down, up and down.....

Great news, We now have another offer on the house....  And, of course we have the 7 business day wait again, but this time the only condition is the home inspection...  And we already had that done once....

The other GREAT news is the young couple who have made the offer are just awesome!  I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER with these people than I did the last time.  They brought their parents and there is no doubt that this is the kind of house and the price range they are looking for...

I sincerely believe that everything happens for a reason, and that ultimately WE are not in charge...
(end sermon...)

The other bit of news for today is that our new dinghy engine is now ready and we will pick it up next Friday...  Another job off the list...


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  1. Hello Kyle and Shelley, It was good to see you Kyle, even under sad times at the funeral.
    Thanks for the blog info, I have spent many hours catching up since the beginning. If you are going to be sending updates, keep us on your list please as we would love to follow along.
    Good luck and safe sailing,

    Be and Colin Montague