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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


 Our latest entry always comes up first... 
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The house is officially SOLD! Yesterday the condition was waived and we will be living on the boat as of June 24th. (or sooner).

Also, on the good news front we picked up our new outboard and have stored it in the garage until we get the boat back to Hamilton.  The new anchor has arrived at our mailbox and the 6 new Trojan Batteries will be shipped directly to the boat in Rochester the week before we bring her home....

All is going VERY well...

Shelley and I began our plan for our journey over 10 years ago!  We purchased a well found coastal cruiser and developed our skills as sailors and more importantly, as a sailing "TEAM".  Having our 36' Catalina helped us understand what we could potentially face once we left the shore.  At the same time, we took over 15 sailing related courses between us from both Canadian and American education institutes.

Then and only then did we spend another 2 years finding the "RIGHT" boat for us.  And over the last 5 years we sailed it more than 2000 nautical miles and have re-fitted it from Stem to Stern.

And now, after all of that we will be building up our abilities for off-shore cruising in stages, beginning with another trip down the eastern seaboard, then to longer and longer off-shore passages.

Even then when we make that first jump across the pacific, we are SERIOUSLY considering adding a 3rd crew member for the voyage who must have some sailing experience...

At the end of the day, we STILL may get into trouble, but at least we can HONESTLY say we tried our best to get it right....


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