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Sunday, April 27, 2014


After an awesome BonVoyage Party Friday night, Shelley and I left for Rochester, NY early Saturday morning.  Thank you to Sean Y. for being so awesome, driving us to Rochester.  We rented a car for a few days and headed for the boat.

The marina was in the middle of an open house/flee market when we arrived so we purchased a few new treasures....  I bought 2 small snatch blocks for $65 and |Shelley found a new teak shelf unit for the aft head...  Did we need that stuff?  No, but ... well... a deal is a deal.....

After spending a few minutes catching up with some people we met last fall, we went to the boat and found it relatively as we left it....  The cover was still mostly in tack and we managed to remove it in about 1/2 and hour...  The boat wintered well, but there were a few problems...  It looks like the windlass battery has died, so we went and replaced it last night.  we will install it today and see if that solves the problem...

It also looks like the refrigerator is not working and the water system has a few problems...  There is nothing so far that will keep us from getting the boat back to Hamilton on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Today we will sand the bottom and get it painted!  More later...


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