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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Just a Reminder.....

With just 75 days until we depart, we have decided to have a Bon Voyage party for our friends and family.  The folks at our church are having a dinner for us at the end of May, but we wanted to get together with the rest of the people in our lives so Shelley booked the Newfie Club here in Cambridge for 8pm next Friday (April 25).

We have a small admission price at the door ($10). This covers the cost of the hall and the "lunch" that we will be providing around 11 pm.  The bar is run by the club and drinks are fairly cheap, so we are hoping for a great night.  A good friend who runs a part time DJ business will be providing music and we will have a few decks of cards with us just in case....

The very next morning we will be heading to Rochester to launch the boat.  We hope to get the cover off and the bottom painted by Monday or Tuesday and then I will singlehand the boat back to Hamilton and Shelley will drive home and pick me up if and or when I get back...

It took 17 1/2 hours to get there so I am expecting a simmilar trip home....

Getting ready to leave is in full swing now.  We are either selling or giving away almost everything we own.  Our son and daughter-in-law have kindly agreed to store a few of our treasures, and we have committed to burden them with no more than 10 boxes....  An ARDUOUS task to be sure....

More later with pictures,

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