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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Well Maybe Not...

On the last day, we just learned that the couple who put an offer on the house could not afford it.  That and their Real Estate agent chose not to make his commission a little less to make the deal come together, now causes the house to be for sale again......  Grrrr....

Oh well, we fortunately kept a list of 6 others who showed an interest in the house AFTER we accepted the conditional offer.... We showed the house twice yesterday and have more viewings scheduled over the next few days.....

On a happier note, Shelley bought my son and I tickets to see a Toronto Maple Leafs game for Christmas and last night we went to see them lose to the Pitsburg Pequins, 5 - 3.  While the leafs lost, I had an AWESOME time with my son and will always cherish the time we spend together... Being married with a child now makes our time together infrequent, but very special....


  1. Kyle, sorry to hear about the real estate deal, better luck with the next one...and there will be a new buyer.

    Maple Leafs, your poor luck never ends...signed..a Habs fan:)

  2. Your love for hockey is showing. The Leafs played the St.Louis Blues not Pittsburgh LOL