Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The House Is Sold!

You know that you are close to leaving when you wake up and realize that you are jobless and homeless... Last Tuesday a for sale sign went in the lawn and on Saturday we accepted an offer for our FULL asking price for our home. The offer is conditional on financing and a home inspection, but we feel very confident that everything will work well.

My last day of work will be the 29th of June and then we will be on our way south....

We will be giving most of our stuff away to our children and as soon as the weather warms up a bit we will be having a massive garage sale...

On the purchasing front we have now purchased 3/4 black & White copies of all the charts we will need to go from home to Panama from Bellingham Charts..  the total cost was about$480.  not cheap but worth it in our humble opinion.  Today I also ordered the Navionics charts for our Raymarine system from Defender.  that is for all of Canada & America and the Caribbean/South America.  Because I had some fairly recent Navionics sd cards, we were given a special price totaling $224
We also have a COMPLETE set of NOAA charts on the laptop.

Our last Purchase the other day was an 85lb. MANTUS anchor.  they CLAIM that this is the best anchor out there right now, so for almost $700 we will see.  The best price we found for this anchor was at Sailboat Owners.com

I think we are ready....

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  1. Congratulations guys, we will be chasing your wake 18 months after you leave....take care