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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Primer.... DONE!

Today Shelley and I got and early start.  At 7am we went to clean an office and at 9:30 I left for the boat and Shelley left for work... As I drove to the farm the sky opened up! I began to think that there wouldn't be any painting today...

When I got to the boat I spent about an hour tidying up the trailer and when that was done the rain passed on.  I then took off the cover, did the last little bits of sanding and then finished priming the whole deck!

What a great feeling to have that done.   Tomorrow I have to work for a few hours so after that I will try to get the primer sanded with 320 grit then paint the cream trim getting things ready for Tuesday when we will mask off the trim and get the Kiwi-Grip down...   A tall order...

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