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Monday, August 1, 2011

Making the Most of a Day Together...

Shelley and I started early this morning getting one of her office cleaning jobs done up in Waterloo... After that we treated ourselves to a great breakfast out... With full tummies we went to the boat and got many jobs done... I epoxied the area on the helm seat where I laid the fiberglass yesterday... then I finished getting the lazarette ready to prime tomorrow by grinding high spots and epoxy drips, vacuuming and finally washing out the area....


All the while Shelley dedicated many hours to cleaning up the inside of the boat.... With the windows and hatches off, much of the dust from grinding made its way into the boat.... It is all gone now... She also got busy getting rid of a small shelf in the galley that apparently she didn't want anymore... As I was working quietly in the lazarette I looked up to see a shelf flying over my head and off the boat... There is no doubt in my mind that she did not want it in the galley any more...

A part of my day today was spent complaining about the tips of my fingers. The other day when I was grinding, I wasn't paying enough attention and I slipped and gouged the tips of three fingers.  I thought that it wasn't a big deal, except now they are still hurting 3 days later and it seems like the healing process may take a while...  Also, I have not been vigilant in covering up when sanding epoxy and fiberglass and I now have a rash all over my arms... What a mess.

I am glad that we got to spend the day together, lately we have spent more time apart that ever before...  It has been hard on both of us...  We just keep remembering that in the next few years our time together will increase exponentially.... We can't wait...

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  1. Do you notice how my area is so clean and organized and your area is well..under "kyle construction" lol..had fun..hope to help more xoxo