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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Deck is PAINTED!

Thats right, at 12:03 today the last stroke of Kiwi-Grip was rolled out thus completing a major job on the re-fit list... Shelley and I spent about 10 hours yesterday taping and masking the deck getting ready for today when at 8am this morning we arrived and rolled out the non-skid.  IT LOOKS GREAT!

I never would have believed that it could have looked so good...  We purchased 4 gallons of Kiwi-Grip and when we were finished we had only used 2.  (If anyone wants or needs this stuff, we will sell 2 gallons for what we paid, just call me). 

Following are some pictures that show first, the taping:

then the rolling on process,

then the finished job...

The key step to getting this to work well is to take as much time as you need to get the taping neat and tidy.  It will make the application go really easy.  And by the way NEVER scrimp on the painting tape, we had one roll of cheap stuff and it was a complete waste of time.  Make sure you use only the really good painting tape and your results will look great...


  1. Nice work. I'm leaning towards using Kiwi Grip on my Morgan 38. Nice to see a positive review. Did you sand the old non-skid off first? Or, did you just apply over the old surface?

    1. hi Ken, I am embarrassed that I never saw your question. If an answer is still helpful, the answer is yes & no. in most areas I completely removed most of the outer skin of the deck and epoxied and fared the whole thing. that said there were a few places on top of the pilothouse where i just rolled it over the non-skid that was there. in both cases, it worked great.