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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Busy Week...

I haven't spent much time blogging this week, but I have spent a ton of time working on the boat...
Monday was spent getting the lazarette painted and getting some sanding done, Tuesday was all about sanding, sanding, sanding and oh, more sanding...., Wednesday it rained so I took the time to go to Niagara Falls NY, to pick up our KIWI-GRIP, a product from New Zealand that promises to make an incredible low maintenance, non slip surface for the deck...  We have seen it on another boat and think it looks great, I just hope we can get the same kind of results...  It cost over $500 for 4 gallons, so I hope it works....

Today I got to the boat early this morning and worked through until almost 8pm.  Crazy... but I really need to get the deck finished and I only have one more week of holidays... It is going to be close...

Many things got done today. I finished sanding the fairing epoxy and have just a very few spots that need to be touched up. I made a template for a new floor for the lazarette and asked a friend, Jake who is a real carpenter to cut it for me. This floor was cut out of 3/4" marine grade plywood (remember the stuff for $130 per sheet), so I really didn't want to make any mistakes... He came by around 4 and withing about 20 minutes had it cut out and looking great.

I ended the day by getting some primer sprayed on the aluminum at the bow, one side of the lazarette doors, the helm seat and the new floor for the lazarette...  Tomorrow, I hope the get the rest of the deck primed ready for the finish trim paint to happen Sunday or Monday...  That will leave all next week to get the deck done in the Kiwi-Grip, and the hardware re-bedded.  THEN the boat should be watertight (if the windows are back by then).

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