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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pluggin' Along... (pun) Filling In All the Holes...

Today I spent the day filling the 1000's of holes with epoxy.  We drilled these holes a few weeks ago and now the core has dried out.  A few days ago I filled each hole with a little CPES (a product that penetrates the wood and stops it from rotting any more) and it has cured enough for me to now fill in the holes...  A long tedious job that took just a little more than 5 hours. 

When I finished it was a little hot. Check out the thermometer in the trailer where I mix the epoxy.... The next time I work on the boat I can begin to fair out the epoxy on the deck and start getting things smoothed out to start sanding and painting... Now I may look a little goofy but at least I keep the sun off me and my hair doesn't end up full of epoxy...

In 5 hours I finished this water jug.... I didn't have to pee once! (yesterday I over did it and think I ended up with a little heat stroke.)

Here is the aluminum that I will be installing at the bow around the anchor...  This way we hope that there will be no more cracks in the fiberglass and no more water getting into the core...

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