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Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Little Progress This Week...

This week has seen a bunch of things happen... First, I located a supplier for a replacement membrane for the water maker.  The cost was much less than I anticipated it might be, $175... not bad.  I have ordered it and it will be shipped to our US mailing address and we can pick it up on our way home from Massachusetts and Rhode Island next week.
I was also able to remove the high pressure compressor for the watermaker from the engine this week and located the seal kits we will need to re-build this pump... Now here is a typical scenario that I keep running into as our project rolls along.  I got a couple of quotes for the seal kits The one from Canada came in at $375.  The one from the USA came in at $161 FOR THE VERY SAME THING!!  Needless to say,  I will be also picking up the seal kits when I pick up the membrane...

Some of you may know that Shelley, Kelly and I are heading off to the eastern seaboard on Tuesday.  On our way through Buffalo we will drop off our wind generator to be fixed.

From there we have a number of stops planned at various marine supply places and we hope to spend some time doing some touristy things around the Boston area...  Shelley has a binder of "things to do" already together so I am sure we will keep busy and have some fun...  The emphasis on boat shopping is somewhat less as important as it once was because as I mentioned on our last blog entry, we now have a local guy who is able to supply much of what we need in terms of marine products at prices that come in line with so many of the US suppliers.

As for actual work on the boat this week, I have got a bunch more epoxy down and have taken the side band radio in to be looked at.  We found a great group of ham radio operators this week who seem to really helpful getting us connected with places and people who can get our on-board communications up and running.

I started to grind out what I thought was a small area of rot on the helm seat, only to find the whole thing was rotten, so I have re-cored the whole thing...  We will check in when we are on our holiday adventure next week...

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