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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Getting a Little Closer to Paint....

Today I finished grinding off the high spots of epoxy!  Yea!!!! 2 grinders and 28 grinding disks later, the boat deck is getting a coating of fairing epoxy.  After this cures for a day or two I can sand with 80 grit paper and get started with primer...  I have just the sides and the cockpit to finish spreading fairing epoxy...  that should get done tomorrow.

After I got home today, I cleaned up and went to Home Depot to acquire some PEX plumbing material.  I have decided that while not approved by the sailing racing standards, this PEX plumbing system will work great as I re-run all the water pipes in the boat in a few months.  I bought some pipe today though because I am re-designing the helm bench by raising it up about 6 inches.  In the raised area I am installing a fresh water cockpit shower, that will be great for showering on deck.  That unit will also house an outdoor switch to turn on some LED flood lights that will light up the transom area when we board the boat at night and/or go night diving... Now is the time to try to think of all the things we want to have while everything is still in pieces.

This last picture is just to show how handsome I look when grinding... not the ear protection is my iPod... oh well whatever works, I say...  Lastly, I have been wondering why after nearly 6 months no one has made any comment on the blog...  Then I was changing a setting when I noticed that I had "comments" set up in such a way that no one could leave a comment without first agreeing to give up their first born....  This has now been fixed.  I hope it works... Cheers...

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  1. you are looking mighty dashing there honey ..just checking if the comment thing is working, me :O