Tuesday, May 19, 2015

We Are Moving On....

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After three lovely weeks in one of the most beautiful islands we have been so far, it is time to keep moving toward Panama.  Our insurance requires us to be south of 10 degrees North Latitude before the end of June, so we decided to take advantage of a weather window that will bring us closer to our goal.

Later today we are heading for Cayo Albuquerque, an isolated atoll 30 nautical miles south of San Andreas and about 80 miles south of Providencia (where we are now).  We plan to sail overnight and arrive with a high sun tomorrow.  There is NOTHING at this atoll except protection from most weather and AWESOME snorkeling and diving.  Unfortunately, along with everything else that is broken, our 7kw generator that powers our scuba compressor isn't working, so our diving will be limited to the 7 full tanks we have on board.... 

This atoll is uninhabited except for a few Colombian Navy guys,  so we will share our experiences of this place when we get to Panama.

For now here are some pictures of our last days here in Providencia.

We have been fortunate to be here in Providencia when a unique phenomenon is occurring.  In the mountains of Providencia, thousands of crabs burrow deep into the hills, sometime as deep as 60 meters!  After a certain rain in May, they, on mass head for the ocean to deposit their eggs.  Their eggs float for 20 days before the young crabs hatch and eventually make their way back to here to live out their lives in the hills and mountains of this island. 

A few nights ago a bunch from the anchorage hired a driver to take us the the are of the island where the migration is best.  Most nights the military people here on the island close the road while thousands cross to deposit their eggs...  It has been exceptionally dry here this year so the migration has gotten off to a rather slow start, so the numbers were low enough this night that they left the road open... 

None the less, it was an AMAZING experience!  Crabs Crabs Crabs! on the road, in the bushes, on the walls and in the ditches, we witnessed crabs coming and going from the water for almost 3 hours...

Waiting for our ride...

A Providencia Taxi!

The "Road Closed" sign.


Our driver and our guide, Allario

Shelley's favourite!

One of the best parts of our time here in Providencia has been the food!  Although some things are more expensive, and everything come to the island from San Andreas, we have eaten like kings since coming here.  From pizza, to Lionfish, the variety of food has been amazing...  We have made some great new friends over wonderful meals....

Pizza and beer!

The Caribbean Restaurant - Yes the path is lined with empty wine bottles!

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