Sunday, May 31, 2015

Many Jobs To Do...

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This week we got our first look at Bocas Del Torro.  An interesting town, with many places to explore...

here ar a few pictures of the marina where we now reside for the next little while.They provide a free shuttle into town 4 times a day...

After cruising for almost one year, we have docked at the Bocas Marina for a month or two to take care of some maintenance and repairs before we eventually set off for the South Pacific...

Sadly, when Shelley and I wrote down all the things that needed our attention, we found we had a list 37 items long!

Just for fun, here is the list:
1) Re-design spare diesel jerry can holder
2) Re-arrange scuba shop.
3) Add 2 shutoff's to diesel fuel lines.
4) Replace diesel deck fill cap.
5) Repair SSB
6) Move SSB
7) Repair Auto Helm - Raymarine ACU-400
8) Move Auto Helm (or find a way to fix leaky air vent)
9) Re-seal steering pedestal/ mizzen mast
10) Re-seal teak Gunnels
11) Re-seal lazarettes 
12) Repair Scuba Generator
13) Fix Penn reel (drag)
14) Replace booster pump on watermaker
15) Replace raw water strainer in workshop
16) fix beach power supply
17) Repair (learn how to use) burglar alarm.
18) Repair panic alarm
19) Repair security cameras  
20) Replace engine room lights
21) Repair "on-demand" hot water heater
22) Replace fridge compressor
23) Add shut-off to drain on washer
24) Varnish teak cap rail
25) Replace dinghy color light
26) Repair dinghy wiring
27) Design rainwater catchment system
28) Install bars on hatches
29) make new lionfish holder 
30) Tighten screws, bolts lifelines etc.
31) re-set internet antenna
32) inspect rigging / rinse rigging
33) add latch to pot cupboard
34) Move extra chain to midship through 2" tube
35) Paint Bottom
36) quiet spoons in galley
37) check helm VHF

Thus far, we have checked 5 items off the list....

Yesterday we attended a huge swap meet here at the marina and got a few cool treasures...

Last week I designed and built a lionfish keeper, 2nd edition...  this one has a removable extension for serious hunting vs. having a keeper "just in case"...  This one was actually cheaper to build than the first one...

More soon!

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