Thursday, May 7, 2015

Providencia - Week 1

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It has been an amazing first week here in Providencia.  We rested and have made many new friends.  The anchorage is wonderful with great holding, calm water and a steady breeze to keep us relatively cool.

We will go form here to Panama, planning to arrive around the beginning of June and stay there for the foreseeable future.  The boat has many broken bits... The SSB is broken again, the watermaker is acting up and as, we mentioned in the previous blog, the auto helm is completely snafued...  that said, we are still in paradise and we will be fine and remain very happy...  When we get to Panama we hope to deal with all these problems...

For now, here are some pictures of our first week here in Providencia:
Our Anchorage...

Lots of stairs!

incredible views!

Lots of exercise!

Blowin' Bubbles at anchor...

Jesus looking over us in the anchorage...

And when Jesus doesn't work... there are always cannons....

Our own snorkeling oasis!

We all got together to hike to Pablo Escaban's "secret" house in the hills...

Here it is!

We all made it!

His pool needs a good cleaning...

The outdoor shower...

Great cruising kids!

Getting ready to rent "Gators" to explore the island

I had to DRAG Shelley away from these kittens...

our awesome "Gator"

The water resiviour

Shelley getting ready to "swing"

Kathleen and Alex from Rafiki....

The Rafiki clan....

Lunch time...

Coconut Bread!

Bread Fruit

The local library where we get free internet

Mr Bush - The guy who gets us in and out of the country....


The bridge that connects the two islands that make up Providencia

I am SO HAPPY!!!

Swimming every day....

Our friends - Rafiki

A Providencia Traffic Jam!

More soon!

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