Friday, October 24, 2014

St. Augustine

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What another beautiful city! Full of history, full of life...  During our sail we saw at least 6 huge manta rays and caught another good size tuna!
Terrible picture - Huge Manta Ray!

After a 12 hour sail from Fernandina Beach we arrived in St. Augustine, Florida and took a mooring ball at the Municipal marina for $20 per night.  With only a short Dinghy ride to the dock we have explored and enjoyed the last few days.

On our first day here we explored the richness of the old part of St. Augustine.  We took a trolly which allowed us on and off throughout the city for 3 days.  A good deal for $20 each!
St. Augustine History Museum

The Trolly

The Distillery Tour - With FREE Drinks!

The highlight of our time here in St. Augustine was seeing our very special friend (we call her our 4th daughter), Christina. She was with 2 lovely people from England on their way to Switzerland to work for the winter at a luxury resort.  We met Alex and Kate and enjoyed a meal with the Tuna we caught on our way here.

Today we explored an old lighthouse and they took us to Walmart to provision before they left for the Lauderdale airport.

After they left, Shelley and I explored the local winery... Oh yea, another chance to taste the wares... 

Finally... Here is the view from our boat... Life is Good!



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    1. Just letting you know that I am following your wonderful trip. So glad to have met you in Fernandina ! Arlyse survey taker from downtown :)