Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Alone in Charleston, SC....

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Most couples we know spend most of their lives apart and in different places.  In our case the opposite has been true almost since we got together so many years ago.

Yesterday, Shelley flew home to Canada to see her mom and to attend our youngest daughter's high school graduation. (yes, she finished months ago, but her high school does commencement in the fall, we are not sure why ??) 

That said, I think I just had one of the longest nights of my life...  And today I am not sure what to do with myself...  And before you all think I've lost my marbles, think about it...  For more than 12 years, with one or two exceptions we have never been apart for more than 8 hours....  And since July, we haven't been apart at all....

Oh well, I suppose I shouldn't complain, she will be back in less than a week now.

Yesterday, I took our hot water heater to the nice folks at Eccotemp.  Mike went out of his way to accommodate me and serviced our unit while I waited.  The company happens to be located in Summerville SC, which is only about 20 miles from the airport where I dropped Shelley off...  We were able not only to get the unit working right, but they sold us the spare parts we may need one day. 

Anyone who wants or needs hot water on demand without using anything but a little propane needs one of these units!

I will spend the next few days getting a few odd jobs competed around the boat and keep trying to acquire some kind of internet that doesn't require a trip to McDonald's...


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