Sunday, October 12, 2014

Still Alone in SC....

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They say that time flies when you are having fun...  I am here today to say that the opposite is true when you are not....  Shelley has been gone since last Tuesday and this Tuesday seems a long way away...  I find it remarkable that someone can miss someone else so much!

Shelley has had a really busy time in Canada.  She has spent time with family and friends, who have kindly opened their homes and hearts to her.  I think the high point of Shelley's visit came Thursday evening when our youngest daughter celebrated her high school graduation.  Although she is already attending the University of Guelph, her high school graduation took place this Thursday.  And not only did she graduate as an ONTARIO SCHOLAR with honors marks through her whole high school career, she won the award for the highest mark in Senior Chemistry and English. AND won a $1000 scholarship in addition to the tuition scholarship that she has already received from the University of Guelph...  What an amazing young woman!

If it sounds like I am blowing her horn...  I am... We are so proud of all our children, but this week it was Kelly's chance to shine....

There is not much to report from here this week and I am sure that when Shelley returns we will have lots of pictures to post....  More later....


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