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Friday, April 12, 2013

Will Winter EVER End!!!!

Seriously, it is hard to take global warming seriously when in the middle of April we are being overwhelmed with an ice storm....  Today I went out to the boat to make sure that my temporarily installed windows were holding up through the below freezing temperatures and freezing rain storm that we have endured for the last 36 hours.

When we got there, this is what my brother in law and I found:

With an inch of ice on the boat I didn't even attempt to get up on the deck...  It is safe to say that there must have been an additional ton or two with all the ice buildup...  We chipped off what we could with a 2x4 and hope now that warmer weather is on the way....

There was some good news today.  The folks at Bomon in Lavalle sent us the final drawings of our new front windows...  As soon as they came I phoned them and they will get started building them next week!  We can't wait....

In order for these windows to fit properly, I will have to flatten the camber (curve) on the top and bottom of each opening.  To do this I will use the jigsaw and cut a very straight line horizontally about an inch from the top and bottom of the cutout,  Then temporarily install the window in what will then be a flat surface.  The cut (and the old holes)  will get fiberglassed and epoxied back together, sanded then painted to look like it was always suppose to be that way.... It will take some time, but I hope it will look and work well when I am finished....

The last bit of good news this week was that a very nice couple form the east coast have purchased our Bauer dinghy.  They are coming to Ontario in May for a wedding and will take it home then...  In the mean time, as soon as the weather clears up a little I will move it from the farm to our back yard so it will be ready to go when they get here...  I have to say that Kijiji is an awesome way to sell stuff....

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