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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Getting Ready For New Front Windows!

As you know from my last post there seemed like an insurmountable problem with the front windows....  Over the last few days, a few people have helped with some great suggestions, thank you...  That said, on Friday evening I was googling marine windows and found a company in Laval Quebec who specialize in that kind of thing...

I thought, what have I got to loose by contacting them, so I sent them an email explaining my predicament and my budget.  Yesterday, the president of the company emailed me and gave us a more than fair price on replacing the old ones with tempered glass and marine grade aluminum frames....

So today, following his instructions, I removed the old windows and created cardboard templates of the openings.  Then I went to Purolaltor and couriered them to his company where they will, in the next 4 - 6 weeks make us awesome new front windows....

It has been raining for the last few days and is forecast to rain for the next few days, yet for the few hours it took me to get everything apart and them back together today, the rain let up and everything was dry!  I'm calling that good karma....  Now that the windows have been removed I had to use metal adhesive tape to temporarily re-install them...

The company is called BOMON.  and they seem like really wonderful people to work with...  I'll keep everyone up to date with our progress....

Just before I went back to work, Shelley and I finished getting the aft cabin ready to go...  We think it looks pretty good!

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