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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


As you all know Shelley and I have been re-building our boat for the last 3 years. This Friday the trucking company has agreed to move it back down to Lake Ontario from Guelph. It will be brought to Ship Shape Marina, 10 Seaway Haulage Road, St. Catharines, Ontario.

If by some miracle I can get it ready to go back into the water by Monday I can save almost $1000 in storage and other fees from the marina.

That means the masts need to be put back together, the lifelines and bow pulpit and the arch all need to be re-installed.

The boat should arrive in St. Catharines early in the afternoon on Friday. I plan to be there when it arrives and will stay overnight and work all day Saturday. My plan is to come home Saturday night for work on Sunday Morning. Then Sunday afternoon I plan to return and stay overnight until Monday when hopefully they can get me launched and the masts installed.

Then on Thursday May 3rd or Friday May 4th (weather and work dependent) I plan to sail the boat to Hamilton to our slip at the Hamilton Yacht Club.

SO..... If any of you think you can help me (ESPECIALLY THIS FRIDAY OR SATURDAY) in ST. Catharines, please let me know. I will pay for your gas to get to St. Catharines and feed you and water you.

My back has really been giving me grief over the last month or so and I could REALLY use any help anyone could give me... I have all the tools etc. necessary to get the jobs done. I can also give pretty simple direction so experience is not a prerequisite....

If you are still reading this, Thank You. And if you can help us, THANK YOU... If you can't, no worries....

Please let me know if you can help....


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