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Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Boat Is In One Piece....

Today, Shelley and I went to a farmer's breakfast at church this morning.  Boy, they sure cook great food for $7...  When we left we went to the boat and found that most of the ice was melted and everything was OK.... When I checked the bilge, I found a bunch of water in it.  Unfortunately, it looks like the scupper on the rim of the lazarette doors froze and water seeped into the lazarette and then into the bilge...  It looks like I will have to check the door seals when things warm up.  We don't want water getting in those doors...

After checking the boat we went to an old friends, Bob & Heather.  Bob taught scuba diving with me a few years ago and they are now both retired and have decided that they don't want to dive anymore....  As a result they graciously sold us their 2 regulators and dive computers...  We now have 5 regulator sets and have completed our dive gear set-up... Yippee!

Our last adventure today was to pick up a spare 2000 g.p.h. bilge pump on sale at Princess Auto for (can you believe this?) $29.95!  The same pump anywhere else is over $100....

We also ordered a spare 4000 g,p.h. pump from Defender.

I just can't imagine having a problem and not having a bilge pump to make it go away....  We now have 2 electric bilge pumps in the engine room and a manual "gusher" bilge pump in the lazarette.  We also now have a replacement for each of them on the boat....

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