Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just a Little Done This Week....

On Monday this week Shelley and I went to our mailbox in Niagara Falls NY to pick up a bunch of stuff.
When we picked up the boat it had a Garmin GPS unit that is dedicated to monitoring the boats SOG (speed over ground) which is the actual speed that the boat is movies across the planet. On a boat, any other speed indicating device is affected by things like drift, current and wind. Unfortunately, the antenna for this unit got damaged when I took it off last summer. We got lucky and found a replacement...
Some of the other goodies were the sewing machine, the Jordan Series Drogue, the Gale Sail, and some used charts for the St. Lawrence River to PEI.
We bought the charts from lady that who no longer has any use for them. We plan on using electronic charts wherever possible but In Canada the Coast Guard require all boats to have paper charts for the area that they are boating in.... maybe one day they will figure out that electronic charts suffice.
Today I took some time and emptied out my Jeep... wow! what a mess... I also wired the Raymarine cables from our old depth gage to the new chartplotter through a converter gizmo.... After I got it all hooked up I ended up with this message:

Anyone wanna guess what the heck any of that means? Oh well, I will try to solve that problem tomorrow.
I also have a camera in the engine room that is viewed on the chartplotter at the helm.... That worked and is very cool!
The last job was to start to install the velcro for the new screens that I sewed the other day...the two that I got installed look great.

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