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Friday, May 18, 2012

A Day of Small Jobs....

Today I got a bunch of small jobs done. First, in the pilot house (main salon) I got the port and starboard curtains installed.

Then Shelley came and we went to the new restaurant close to where the boat is. It was a nice break....

After lunch Shelley went to work and I sanded the the transom (back of the boat) It is now ready to paint. I also started to sand the teak gunnels but decided that it was too hot to finish.

The last couple of jobs were in the galley where I cut and installed some shelves for the cupboards then I repaired the gas valve on the oven. When we tested it the other week, we found that gas was leaking out around the valve... It looks like I have it fixed now...

We found out today that the replacement plexiglass windows for the front of the pilot house are at K-W Glass. We will pick them up this weekend.

Monday is a holiday here in Canada, so we will go to our mailbox where we will pick up our new (to us) drogue, storm sail and our new sewing machine.

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