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Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Busy Saturday....

It was a long busy day that ended with me forgetting that I had promised to have dinner with some friends who were celebrating their dad's 90th birthday..... Now that's a milestone....

As for the boat, the first job was to put a through hole above the waterline for the washing machine. I had it going to the shower sump until I realized that the washing machine pump was more powerful than the pump in the sump... That of course would have caused many problems.... This solution works great.

Then Shelley's brother came by on his new motorcycle to measure the transom and the bow so he can design the graphics for the boat.... we hope to see some ideas in the next few weeks....

After he left I painted the transom - I think it looks great.

Then I installed the VHF & SSB radios to see how they would fit into the nav station...

This afternoon I installed the radome on the mizzen mast and 2 antennas at the top. One will be for the computer network antenna and the other is for the DSC on the SSB (sideband radio).

The last job done before I rushed off (late for the dinner) was a collapsable foot peg 39 inches from the top of the mast. This will be great when I am working up the mast.....

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