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Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Engine Is Re-Wired!!!!

Yesterday and today I spend about 15 hours getting the engine re-wired. At the end of today everything is working except one temperature sensor... Not bad I would say...
The interior of the boat is a total disaster... I have been down in the engine compartment and so I have not been tidying up as I was going along... Tomorrow after work, I will take some time to get things organized.... Thanks to Greg G. For coming by today... Your help is appreciated.
My last project today was to run about 4 gallons of antifreeze through the engine so it is now ready for winter. All in all a good couple of days....
My next project will be to re-wire the two independent bilge pump systems and install a high water alarm system then get some lighting installed in the engine room. At that point, I should be able to re-install the engine compartment doors so getting around the salon of the boat will be easier.
On a financial note, I sold the old inverter/charger on eBay for $300 and sold one of the old breaker panels that I replaced to a friend a the yacht club for $100... Can you believe it, money actually went into the kitty this week!
FYI if anyone needs/wants a couple of gallons of Kiwi Grip, let me know. I will sell them both or alone for a very reasonable price... Just send me a note...
For all our Canadian friends, have an awesome thanksgiving!!! Cheers!!!
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