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Monday, December 1, 2014

Our First Week In Cozumel....

Welcome to our Blog. Our latest entry always comes up first... 
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If you want to start at the beginning of our trip:
If you want to see the story of our trip from South Carolina
(where we bought the boat)
 to Lake Ontario Click this link:
After being on our boat since July 1st, we have now spent close to a whole week living on land!  We arrived last Monday and on Tuesday a Norte (or North wind) came and forced us to move the boat into what is called the "new" Caleta.  This is an unfinished marina that protects boats otherwise exposed when there is a Norte...  There is no charge for this, but when the boat is there you are not allowed to stay on it.  

The Norte ended on Thursday, but we left the boat all weekend because we were busy helping at the dive shop.  Tonight at high tide we will return to our mooring.

Following are some pictures of our first week in Mexico.  What an awesome place! Although the process of "checking in" has taken 7 days!   We have learned that when visiting a new country, you need infinite patience and a sense of humor...

The details of our experience are not as important as the outcome...  Today our good friend, Francisco took the ferry to Cancun for a second time in the last week to bring more papers for us to get a temporary import permit for our boat.  We have spent almost $300 checking into Mexico, and most of that was paying for ferry's, buses, and taxis to get from place to place and person to person, as we gathered a whole collection of very pretty rubber stamp impressions...

Us after 50 hours underway!

Our first glimpse of Cozumel....

The view from Mike & Margaret's Office and Restaraunt

Our boat's new home - right out in front of the dive shop!

Teaching SCUBA!

Our Dinghy parked in front of the Bodega - A long commute to work each day.
Mike and his manager (and our friend), Francisco 
Visiting our friend, Troy

 Shelley's cousin, Donna and her husband, Mike visited us and we had the day together exploring the other side of the island!

The JOY of going blind....
The NORTE arrived!
Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner - We brought the pumpkin pie filling from the USA
6 Canadians celebrating American Thanksgiving - ANY excuse for turkey!
After dinner pool.
Quacky the Parrot - He loves me!
The pier where the dive boats leave from...

A view from the pier....
 This Sunday, Cozumel hosted an international IRONMAN Challenge.  This involves a 2 1/2 mile swim, 180 km bike ride and end with a 26 mile FULL marathon run...  This is NOT for the faint of heart... The man who won, completed it in just over 8 hours...

Margaret, Dillan, and I watching the bike riders who passed in front of the dive shop twice...

 Last night (Sunday) we gathered at our friend, Troy's house to watch the 102nd Canadian Grey Cup.  This is the Canadian national football leagues championship game.  Troy has a Canadian satellite dish so all was possible...  It was kind of fun to see Canadian advertisements...  It has been a while...

Cozumel really is a great place and we are really looking forward to seeing the people who have said they are coming to see us over the next few months.  Our plan is to stay here in Cozumel until the middle to end of February...  

More later,

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