Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cozumel - Week 3

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Another great week...  The sun is shining and we continue to enjoy our friends here on the island...  Our friend, Margaret went to Canada and we have had a really strong north wind (Norte) all week.  Thus the boat was returned to the Caleta for protection.

This week we met a great group of divers from Iowa...  Thanks for all the fun!

We also helped Sean and Taylor Y. with their Open Water Certifications...  They were trained at Groundhog Divers in Kitchener, and came to Shelley and I with a letter of referral.

An OPEN WATER celebration dinner....
 We had a great week with Quacky...

 Last weekend we attended a fundraiser for the local fire department who were trying to raise money to purchase a new firetruck...  Shelley was given a local firefighters calendar... She seemed unhappy..

I am spending some real quality time with my friend, Troy.  We have been diving and spear fishing together... Life doesn't get much better than this!

Troy's puppy - Spinner...
Today we plan to remove our head sail and sew the Sunbrella cover back on.. a big heavy job..

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  1. So close and yet so far - we could see Cozumel from the beach north of Playa de Carmen, but it was too far to swim over and say hello. - Sven and Marion