Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Almost to New York!

Yesterday we installed our masts in Catskill NY at the Riverview Marina.  Nice folks...  It was our anniversary on the 13th so we went out for dinner at a local Italian Restaurant.  The food was really good, but the service wasn't nearly as good as we got in Waterford...  That said, it was a wonderful evening... I am so blessed to be married for this long to such an amazing woman!

The next morning we got the masts installed by early afternoon and made the short hop to a nice spot in the river where we anchored out for the first time this trip!  After we stopped I inspected the impeller and found it was almost disintegrated...  Good thing I checked... and good thing we had a couple of spares...

A beautiful steak dinner, and an early night, got us ready to leave at 6am this morning for a 50nm. trip today.  We really didn't want to go this far, but there simply wasn't anywhere to anchor until we arrived in Montrose NY, where we anchored again and changed the oil in the engine...  A real dirty job.

We are expecting some bad weather this evening, but tomorrow things are suppose to improve for the weekend...  Our plan right now is to make it to New York City tomorrow...

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