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Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Quiet Day In Rochester

We decided to take it easy today as the weather looked like it was not going to be very pleasant.  We got going late after a nice sleep-in and borrowed 2 bikes from the awesome people at Shumway Marina.  I have to say, we have been at many marinas over the years but there is none quite like this one...  They have a great staff and awesome facilities and did I mention, they also have the busiest bar/restaurant EVER!  The prices are more than fair and the service is excellent...  tonight, Shelley made tacos on the boat and then we treated ourselves to Key Lime Cheesecake at Schooner's (at Shumway's)

Today we had some banking to do so we rode about 2.5 miles each way and treated ourselves to a salad and chicken sandwich at Wendy's...  (we REALLY have to stop our eating out then we stopped on the way home and picked up a few fresh groceries and some really yummy cookies. (another bad habit).

This afternoon I fixed the painter bolt on the dinghy that I ripped out when we left the dock in Hamilton... The next time we have a big space, no wind, and good weather, we will lay out the drifter that tore and see if we can repair it...

Does anyone besides me wonder why The US Boarder Protection Agency needs 7 300hp engines for just two little boats?  Us Canadians must be some real bad-asses eh?

We are heading to bed early tonight and plan to try to make it to Fairhaven tomorrow evening...  A 40nm sail.  The forecast looks promising...

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