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Friday, January 10, 2014


For the first time EVER, we just created and posted our very first YouTube Video!
This was something that we have been struggling with for a very long time... I know if you ask a 10 year old, it's really easy, but in our world, this is a major accomplishment...

That said, we hope you will take a minute and check out our first effort...

This week we also took delivery of a new rubber boat/date stamp and an embosser with the boat name and number.  We understand that checking in to countries sometimes goes easier when you have these things...  We think they turned out pretty good...

The place that made them is called T.S.T Rubber stamp...  Although they are an online company, they just happen to be located here in Cambridge, Ontario...  If you find yourself needing good quality, fair prices, and GREAT service, check them out. They can be reached at:
1-877-717-1716 or Email:  Tell them Kyle sent you...

The last thing I want to say today is partly a rant and partly some kudos to a very nice person.  The rant begins with the HORRIBLE customer service offered by the folk at Hewlard Packard (HP).  A little over a year ago I bought a fairly expensive "all-in-one" printer/scanner/copier for the boat.  It needed to be able to make nice photo prints and handle all the rest of our printing/scanning needs.

After some research, we settled on the HP Photosmart 5510.  For the first few months all worked well.  Then one day it quit, so I called their warranty service who quickly replaced the unit (almost too quickly in hindsight).  All good so far.  A few months later the replacement unit quits!  Because it was  around Christmas I waited until last week to call...  After 1 1/2 HOURS on the phone the man who  barely spoke english agreed to send me a replacement....  It was to arrive by Monday.

Monday came and went with real bad weather so I didn't think too much about it, but by Thursday, with no communication from them and no printer, I called them back again, only to find our after ANOTHER HOUR the replacement was not warranted and that here would be no replacement coming!  Seriously, when were they going to tell me!

Now here is the problem.  Replacing a printer is no big deal.  You can buy a great one for around $100. However, like everything else, we have been stockpiling things we need for our trip and over the last year have acquired over $400 worth of INK.  Unfortunately, the original packaging is long gone from the ink, so returning it is out of the question.

So here I am, not wanting to do business with HP and being stuck with a ton of ink, what do I do?

I searched around online and found a whole bunch of HP printers that use the same ink so I went to the FUTURE SHOP here in town and this is where the kudos comes in.

Frustrated and grumpy, I explained my predicament to the young lady (Hailey) who went far out of her way to make me feel like there was someone who actually cared in this world!  I have VERY low expectations in retail stores in Canada, but this wonderful person just made a horrible day better, with her attentiveness, kindness, and knowledge.

In the end I did purchase a different HP model that uses the same ink,and hope this one lasts a little longer than the last ones...
Who knows??? 

I guess that's the end of my rant....
Have a great day!

A picture of the new printer:


  1. Hey guys! Congratulations on your You Tube debut! Your video is great. Your doing a great thing and using sailing to accomplish it. Couldn't be a better mix! We look forward to keeping up with you guys!

    Love from the crew

    1. Hi Brady Delos Crew... Thank you for your kind words... These last few months really seem like the longest, I also have to say thank you for your inspiration and allowing us to share in your adventure... Cheers, Kyle & Shelley