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Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Busy Week...

Our latest entry always comes up first... 
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This week started off with me getting some kind of 24 hour flu bug... Oh how I hate being sick!  Fortunately, All seems well now and I still managed to get a few thing accomplished this week.

The big news is our decision to replace our 2hp Honda outboard for the dinghy with a NEW Tohatsu 3.5, 4 stroke engine....  The Boat Show price was $977 which given the state of the Canadian dollar this week, is a good price.  It comes with a 5 year warranty and that engine is the SAME exact engine as the Mercury, Suzuki, Evenrude and a few others...  We will pick up the Honda next time we go to check on the boat, then try to sell it for about half of what they want for a new one ($500).  If we don't get what we want we will take it with us and use it as a spare....

I also had a few hours to go to a friends farm to build 2 of the last projects before we leave.  The first are some Stainless Steel anti-theft covers for the thumb bolts that hold the outboard on the transom of the dinghy. We saw one of these at the show and they wanted $50... Too much so I bought 2 pieces of square tube SS from my metal guy for $10 (total) then found 2 receiver hitch locks for $20.

After about an hour I built 2 of these for  at total cost of $15 ea.... Nice eh?

The last project was to almost finish a new screen hatch for the main hatchway.  This is constructed with a piece of 5/8" marine plywood between 2 pieces of .30 gauge 316 SS.  I under cut the plywood and filled all the edges with West System pre-thickened epoxy.  I think it will look great after I finish it up today and give it a coat of paint next week.  This will keep the boat VERY secure while letting air circulate while we sleep or when we go to shore.  This wont replace the regular board, but will give us a few more options.  We will install the same lock on this as we have on our regular hatch

Each week we seem to be knocking a few more jobs off the list...


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