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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Years!

Well, this is it.  This is the year, after so many years of planning and preparing that we make the move to our adventure of a lifetime...  In 180 days (ok, 6 months) from today, Shelley and I will be leaving from Hamilton Ontario.

When we leave we will cross Lake Ontario and make our way down the St. Lawrence Seaway to Nova Scotia where we then hope to head south along the eastern seaboard of the USA the try to end up in the Florida Keys by the beginning of November...

Fortunately, being Canadian, we can sail to Cuba and travel east along the north coast until we cross to Mexico.

Over Christmas we enjoyed time with our family realizing that for many, it will be our last Christmas together for some time.  We really do hope as many of our friends and family will join us in Mexico next Christmas, but we will see who can actually make it...
Shelley and our granddaughter Mackenzie

DLink picture of main salon interior

Today, I checked the boat (via the inboard camera) and all looks great. We also packed up our Christmas decorations and stored them away for our youngest daughter to us when she gets a place of her own...  While we were packing we took a small selection of decorations and a tiny artificial tree and put them aside for next Christmas on the boat....

In a few weeks we will be going to the Toronto Boat Show where Larry & Lin Pardey and John & Amanda Neal are presenting some seminars which we hope to check out...  We hope to catch 3 or 4 on Monday the 13th. They are free with admission to the show...  Which we won last year by filling out a survey....

I'll check in again after we have been to the show....


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