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Friday, June 17, 2011

Thinks Are Moving...Slowly... But Moving...

I started today by driving to Waterloo to pick up 2 sheets of marine grade plywood...  Are you ready for this....  $254.00 for 2 sheets!  Oh well at least even if this stuff gets wet, the glue is suppose to be waterproof so there should be no more rot... 

 With the 2 sheets tied to the roof of the Jeep I went to a parishioner, Arnie's farm where he has a great wood shop...  I used his table saw and his radial arm saw and cut one of the two sheets into small squares of wood... 2x3, 3x3, 1x3 etc. While I was there he offered to lend me a small pot bellied stove to heat the trailer this winter... After getting the OK from the person who owns the trailer, I will put it and a chimney in.

From there I spent the rest of the day at the boat epoxying in some of those squares into the aft section of the deck...  I think it is looking good...  The next job will be to re-core the lazarette doors and re skin the aft deck... That will be the first of 5 sections repaired...  The remaining sections will be the cockpit, the starboard side, the port side then the foredeck...

Today a man came by from a hydraulics company and has agreed to look at the steering system and the auto-helm pump that is not working...  as soon as I get a chance, I will be removing both helms and the pump for the auto-helm...  At that time I will drain the hydraulic system and get everything in that area fixed up..

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