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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Getting Started On The Decks...

Now that the remaining teak is gone, I borrowed my friend, Leo's moisture meter and have identified the areas of the deck where water has penetrated into the core.  On this boat the deck is made up of a top layer of fiberglass, then a layer of end grain balsa, then an inside layer of fiberglass.  What has happened is there has been holes in the top layer of fiberglass which has allowed water to saturate the balsa core...  now I have located those areas were there is damage, I must open the top layer of fiberglass by drilling a bunch of holes through the top layer of fiberglass but NOT through the iside layer, so that the core (or what is left of it) can dry out.  When it is dry I will pour  a product called CPES which is a very thin epoxy which will treat the core material getting it ready to fill back in ALL the holes with regular epoxy... Only then can I re-finish the deck and and apply a non-skid material.  Then I can replace the deck hardware and hope no more water will penetrate the deck...  Anyone wanna help?  I though not... lol...

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