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Friday, May 27, 2011

Today I Started to Take Out the Ceiling in the 2 Midship Cabins...

Things began to get a little messy today.  I started to remove the ceiling and interior walls of the two midship cabins.  there is quite a lot of water damage in the deck...  This is nothing we didn't expect, but it still gets a little overwhelming when you take out a screw and water starts gushing in...  Yesterday I started the engine and changed the oil... now she can sit with fresh oil in her...  I am looking for someone who has some kind of portable fuel polisher...  It seems that in Canada, no one has ever heard of this... who knew...

Today our good friend Rob came by.  We are lucky that he owns a glass/window company in Waterloo.   He is going to come up with a way to replace all of the windows and hatches on the boat...

Yesterday I took one of the engine room doors off when I was working in the engine room. I did not re-install it. At the end of the day today, I was getting a little tired and not paying enough attention. I was carrying a closet door through the main salon and wasn't looking where I was going. the next thing I knew I had fallen through the the space for the missing door... nothing broken, but some good cuts and bruises, and a serious dent to my pride...

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