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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

There Is More To This Than We Thought...

Over the weekend we went through the remaining boxes that we packed when we sold our Catalina 36 and then we removed all the galley stuff from Blowin' Bubbles.  Who knew that we ammassed so much stuff...  To add to that, Shelley has been selling Tupperware for the last year or so and has been putting away things that she thought might work well on the boat... Here is our livingroom as we try to decide what we will use when we put the galley back together.... This weekend I also took some time to go through all of our charts and cruising guides and sort them into one box waiting to go back on the boat when it is finished.
Over the next week we hope to get the rest of the boat emptied and remove whatever interior doors and hardware we can.  As that is happening, we will be taking down the inside ceiling of the boat.  This will turn out to be our first really dirty job...

When that task is completed we will begin to remove all of the deck hardware....

Here is the trailer now... compare this to how it was before the boat arrived... now we will start to carefully remove the interior woodwork so we can take out the ceiling to get to the fiberglass on the inside of the boat....

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