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Friday, June 2, 2017

Some GREAT Publicity....

Welcome to our Blog. Our latest entry always comes up first... 

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If you want to start at the beginning of our trip:
If you want to see the story of our trip from South Carolina
(where we bought the boat)
 to Lake Ontario Click this link:
As most of you know who regularly follow our lives, we have been giving away school supplies in many of the places we visit.  Our Right to Write Ministry has been an important part of our journey so far.

A few months ago we were contacted by a woman who writes for Observer Magazine, which is the national publication for The United Church of Canada, which is the church I retired from when we started our journey.  Sheima Benembarek contacted us today to say that the article she wrote is appearing in the June issue of the magazine.  We are thrilled!

Sheima captured the real essence of who and what we are as it relates to our efforts with kids...  For that, we thank her and hope as many people as possible will see what we are up to on our Facebook page and our Right to Write Blog...

The link to the article is here:

As for us, we have just spent an AMAZING week all alone anchored off the beautiful Fijian Island, called Namena.  Located about 30 miles south of Savusavu, one of Fiji's bigger cities, we had this bird and diving paradise to ourselves for 5 lovely days and nights.  It was the home to an Eco Resort before Cyclone Winston destroyed it last year.  Now all that remains are the shells of some of the cabins and what looks like a few local families squatting on the old resort property at the opposite end of the island from where we were...

Before setting off for Namena, we provisioned in Savusavu, and stopped just off the Michael Cousteau Resort to buy our Marine Park Tags ($30fj) that goes to the local people who own the island so they do not fish there.  We also had them fill our 9 scuba tanks so we didn't have to run our little compressor all day to do what a big compressor can do in a few hours...

When we arrived we discovered that the "mooring" that was suppose to be there was missing (likely another victim of Winston), so we anchored the first night.  The next morning we dove the reef under the boat and found the remains of the original mooring.  Over the next few days we scrounged all the bits we needed and we repaired the mooring...  A little deposit into the Karma bank never hurts...

As almost no one lives there, there are Papayas and Bananas EVERYWHERE!

On a Papaya quest!

Banana quest...

Papaya Banana SMOOTHE!

Each day we dove one of the spectacular reefs, and explored what has become a bird sanctuary on the island.
Red Footed Booby Birds

On Friday we reluctantly sailed back to the Cousteau Resort to pick up a few supplies so we could continue our journey east, toward our next destination in this Pacific paradise...

While at the resort we met Gabby who is a security guard and local pastor.  We gave him a bunch of school supplies for the kids in his village.

We are having some problems with our underwater cameras, but here are a few pictures we managed to get this week...Enjoy!


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  1. Wow, you seems to have really fun out there, place looks really amazing. You are surely doing good job and always good to spare some time for yourself. Good post, thanks