Friday, June 30, 2017

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

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Today we begin our 4th year exploring the world!  Yet, no matter where we find ourselves, we never forget how proud we are to be CANADIAN!  We may have our problems, but our experience has taught us that we come from one of the most privileged places on the planet!

That doesn't make us any better than anyone else on this great planet, but we feel blessed to have the affluence and freedom to travel the world!

Early this morning we decorated Blowin' Bubbles and are hosting a happy birthday Canada party tonight!

As we turn this page we too are celebrating 3 years living our dream.  To date we have traveled 14,641 nautical miles in 1096 days, visited 13 countries and have gathered a LIFETIME of memories!

We have made many new friends and miss those who we keep leaving behind...  In the last year we have been on port 256 days and underway for 108 days.  We traveled 5220 nautical miles this year. These charts shows where we spent our time over the last three years.

 In terms of percentage:

We have had an awesome time!

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  1. You haven't posted anything for two weeks. I hope all is well.