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Monday, March 7, 2016

We Are Testing...

This will be a short Blog testing our ability to post Blogs via our long distance (ssb) transmitter on the boat. Once we begin our journey across the pacific, internet will no longer be an option.

We do not have a satellite phone on board, so communication will be limited to our ssb radio and our position reports communicated with our SPOT connect.

We are very limited with this method, so we cannot post pictures. They will have to wait until we reach land again.

Today, we will be attending a "Pacific Puddle Jump" seminar at the Balboa Yacht Club. People from Tahiti Tourism, New Zealand Tourism and the sponsoring Magazine (Latitude 38) will be present to give us information about our destinations for this leg of our journey.

Tonight, Shelley and I have been invited to the home of the French Ambassador for a cocktail party. Why, you might ask? It turns out that we have been helping the organizers of this event at the Balboa YC for the last few weeks. In that time we have gotten to know a few of the people connected to the seminar.

The French Marquases (where Tahiti is) is, as it might seem obvious, a possession of France, and thus, the representative from Tahiti has organized this little get together to keep the French government aware of the work that happens in this part of Tahiti's tourism department.

We have never had an opportunity like this before, so we are hoping this will be a night to remember...


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  1. I've been following your progress since you left Canada, and I am completely captivated. Just want you to have a safe and wonderful journey to your next landfall.