Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Few Weeks in the Las Perlas Islands

Shelley and I have been exploring the Las Perlas Islands about 40 miles from Panama City. In Spanish it means "The Pearl Islands". So far we have not found any pearls but the islands are as beautiful as any pearl.

Another tough day at the office...

Local Fishing Boats

Our most beautiful shell yet

Chuey getting ready to install a new mooring in Tabogo

Another "fancy" dinner out...

Isla Contradora

The poor section of town...

We found where they filmed Survivor Panama...

Oh look, another tough day... Are you seeing the pattern yet?

A beautiful church, which doubles as a school during the week...

Another trip up the mast....

The weather has been stunning and Shelley has collected photos of many of the birds of Panama. We spend hours slowly exploring the mangroves and inlets in our dinghy. The only diving we have done is about 3 hours with both of us scrubbing the bottom of our boat. The water in La Playita (in Panama City) was disgusting and the air was constantly dropping soot all over the deck. We are so happy to finally have the boat cleaned up again.

We are doing a bunch of last minute chores getting the boat ready to head to the Marquesas Islands on or about April 11. Right now the weather does not lend itself to making the trip so waiting a few more weeks will hopefully open a better weather window. We are being told that el Ninio is just about over, which will hopefully get the wind and weather back to normal.

Next weekend we hope to see Mike and Margaret from Cozumel. They will be flying into the Las Perlas to visit us for a week before we leave.

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