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Thursday, August 6, 2015

I Almost Don't Believe This Myself....

If you remember a few weeks ago, I posted that we tried to withdraw some money from our Scotiabank account while we were Panama City...  Over $1200 was taken from our account and we never got the money.

You may also recall we were told that they had up to 90 days to resolve this....  Well today I received this email from the "office of the president":

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Benger,
Thank you for your e-mail received in our office July 25th. We had forwarded your e-mail to our International Banking Group who have completed their investigation and have advised as you are not a Scotiabank customer, any ATM dispense fault issues would require to be referred back to your bank.  Once this has been referred to them, they will accordingly initiateu an investigation through the proper channel.

Once again, thank you for writing to us, allowing us the opportunity to respond to you.

Manager - Office of the President
Scotiabank - Executive Offices


I sent them back this email:

Are you out of your minds!
You can't be serious!!!!

I AM A SCOTIABANK CUSTOMER! At least until this issue gets resolved.
Here is my banking information:
Kyle and Shelley Benger
Scotia client card number:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


This email is being copied to our banking representative in Cambridge...  M PLEASE HELP US!  We are away from any cel service right now....

Kyle and Shelley Benger.

And just for fun, here are my previous emails to and from the "Office of the President" that lead up to the emails today:

On July 29th I got this reply:
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Benger,
Thank you for your e-mail received in our office July 27th. We have forwarded your e-mail to our International Banking Group who will initiate an investigation and respond to you directly.  Please be assured our office will follow to ensure a response is provided to you.
Thank you for writing to us.

Manager - Office of the President
Scotiabank - Executive Offices

On  July 25 I sent this email:
Ms. C,
I believe that I have been more than patient waiting for the return of the $1000 U.S. Dollars "stolen" (at this point I feel no other word better fits) from me at the bank in Panama City.

It was my understanding that when we spoke back in June you would continue to seek a satisfactory resolution for me in this matter.  To date I have not heard from you, and while my branch manager did call, all she could say was there is "nothing that she could do".

I am BEGGING you to get this problem resolved for us.  Almost sixty of the "ninety days" you folks required to sort this out is almost up.  Further, as I have previously stated, the two $5 transaction fees that always happen when a foreign ATM transaction occurs, NEVER HAPPENED which PROVES that someone in your organization KNOWS the money was never dispensed.   

Over the last two months I have taken it upon myself to come to an informed understanding of the world of automated teller machines and interbanking companies and the relationship they hold with banks.  Unless I am mistaken (and I am quite sure I am not), it is ONLY the receiving (or dispensing) bank who pays the ATM/interbanking service provider. And while I am sure there is some cost incurred by the sending bank, the $5 per transaction "never leaves the building" as it were...

Thus, in the banking/ATM/interbanking "house of mirrors" my reasoning above proves beyond any doubt, Scotiabank knows the bank in Panama never dispensed the money.

So, I ask again, PLEASE RETURN THE MONEY TO MY ACCOUNT.  I sincerely believe that your bank has a much greater ability to absorb this "temporary" loss than we do.  Further, I also believe that if the "bank" is waiting for the money to be "returned", they/you might be more inclined to do more than just wait. 

Last question; if the bank in Panama doesn't respond, then what?

Kyle and Shelley Benger

On  June 25 I sent thiis email:
Ms. Cloverdale,
It was my understanding when we spoke last Friday that you would be looking farther into our problem with the two withdrawals in Panama City.

My hope was that this could have been resolved and that we would have heard from you by now.

Please contact us as soon as possible either by return email, or telephone.
Our number here in Panama is 011-507-xxxxxxxxxxxx.  Please do not leave a message as we are unable to retrieve them at this time.

Thank you in advance for resolving this matter in a mutually amiable manor.
Kyle Benger


  1. We now scratch off Scotia Bank as a possible bank for us. Thanks for the heads up and sorry for your problem with them!

    1. Happy to help... Just so you know, apparently this can happen to anyone from any bank. The difference seems to be how it is handled when it happens.... I have leaned that some banks return the money immediately and then deal with the offending bank.... It turns out this one doesn't....