Monday, August 31, 2015

Another Awesome Week!

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This week just flew by...  It is hard to imagine that September is almost upon us! Wow!
We spent most of this week back in Dolphin Bay.  The rain really fell in the early part of the week, but the last few days have been stunning!

Last week our friend Mary who lives at Dolphin Bay took this amazing picture of our boat and their boat in the bay...  This is our life!

This week we got a few more jobs completed on the boat.  I tried to fix one of my fishing reels, but had no luck.  The drag seems to be seized.  Any repair suggestions would be appreciated.

We have begun the process of sanding and re-varnishing the teak toe rail around the boat.  Each morning before it gets too hot we try to get one section completed.  We should finish up in a few more days...

The other day between rain storms, Shelley and I walked the Smithsonian property again.  We collected oranges, limes, cocao, and breadfruit.  It's like going to a free grocery store!

Today was a busy day.  It began with Mary taking us to breakfast at a small restaurant in the next bay, and in the afternoon, we went to Rana Azul for pizza.  On the way home, we stopped in the jungle and collected some bamboo the make some planters.  We will show pictures of that project next week.

Bamboo Heaven!

A BLUE Frog!

More soon! 

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